Here are some resources and contact information you may find useful. If you have suggestions for other contacts/resources, please let us know by using the contact form available on this site.

  • Hospital Internship and Dental Residency Programs in North America

  • CDSPI - Insurance, Investments and Financial Planning

    • CDSPI, a not-for-profit company, whose members are the Canadian Dental Association, and participating provincial and territorial dental associations, offers dentistry students a No-cost Undergraduate Package including Life Insurance, Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, plus Student TripleGuard™ Insurance for your hand instruments. To find out more about this valuable offer, visit CDSPI's Start Out Right page. (Some restrictions apply.)

CDAnet is the service that enables dentists to send patients' dental benefit claims to insurance companies electronically.  A CDAnet subscription authorizes a dentist to send claims electronically from a particular office.  When you join a dental office, it is likely that one of the first things you will be asked to do is subscribe to CDAnet and to the ITRANS Claim Service, CDA's complementary service that enables electronic claims to be transmitted securely on the internet. CDAnet and ITRANs are member services that are only available to members of their provincial/territorial dental associations, or in Quebec, members of CDA.

To find out more about CDAnet and ITRANs, including how to subscribe, please visit

On the NDEB website, students can find a number of resources related to preparing for the boards and OSCE. All resources, including the released questions, can be found under the Reference Materials and Resources section on the NDEB website. Information on how to apply for the Written Examination and OSCE can be found under Accredited Programs. You can also email the NDEB at if you have any further questions.


Introducing a free tool for individuals taking the NDEB OSCE so they can prepare for the examination.

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NCOHR links oral health researchers across Canada.  NCOHR offers resources to encourage oral health researchers to collaborate and communicate with one another, and with our clinical colleagues.  NCOHR envisions that innovative and collaborative oral health research partnerships will make a difference in the health of Canadians.NCOHR resources for Canadian dentistry students include: