National Student Research Competition - DRAFT - TO BE REVISED

The National Student Research Competition is now open! We are looking for individuals with great ideas and who want to share the results of their research. The NSRC is award $_______ in total prize money to the Student Poster Session winners at CDSC 2018. This is an open competition are submissions are welcome from students in all years.   Posters are accepted in two categories:

  • xxxxx
  • xxxxx

Prize awards are $____ for first place, $____ for second place, and $____ for third place. 

Student Poster Session

The Student Poster Session at CORROSION encourages students to become active in research and present the results of their work to their fellow students at the national conference. Each student who wishes to participate must submit a 250 word abstract (not counting abstract title and byline) by Friday, December 23, 2016. Please keep in mind that student attendance is required at the conference to participate. There can also only be one student per poster.

Session Organizer: XXXX (XXXX, '##)


A judging panel of qualified dentists will xxxxxxx


Student Poster Guidelines - TBC
Student Poster Judging Criteria - TBC
Suggested Poster Format

For any questions regarding the Student Poster Session, please contact XXXX at XXXXX.


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Please do a word count on your abstract before copying and pasting it into this form. Abstracts longer than 250 words cannot be accepted.

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