The following applies to both committees and working groups.

Purpose: To lead the committee through the business of completing the tasks required in order to meet the mandate and objectives of the Committee.

Success Criteria:

  • Committee builds a sense of teamwork
  • Committee completes tasks assigned
  • Committee presents reports to Executive and/or Council as required
  • Council completes work on set priorities and action plans supported by work of the committee


  • Makes arrangements for meeting and notifies members of date, time and place of meeting.
  • Prepares agenda for meeting
  • Calls meeting to order
  • Delegates responsibilities to committee members
  • Uses the committee’s mandate and objectives to guide work of committee
  • Involves all members in the decision making
  • Reports work of committee to Executive and/or Council as required
  • Keeps a written file of work of committee

Time Commitment / Target Dates:

  • Time for making arrangements for committee to meet
  • Time for committee to discuss business and make recommendations
  • Time for committee to report to Executive and/or Council as required
  • Time to conduct activity/event if part of the committee role
  • Time to draft proposed resolutions (motions) for inclusion in written reports
  • Time to produce written reports as required and using the needed templates
  • Time to report accomplishments to Executive and/or Council by target dates