Terms of Reference


To organize the Canadian Dental Student Conference.


  1. Make recommendations to the Council regarding the date and location of the Dental Student Conference.
  2. Issue Call for Proposals to potential sites/venues, review proposals and make recommendations to the Council regarding sites/venues.
  3. Develop a budget for approval of the Council.
  4. Determine a conference program and invite speakers, student researchers, companies etc.
  5. Generate advertising material and registration resources for the conference.
  6. Form a Conference Program Committee (CPC) to focus on overall program, including speakers and workshops and make recommendations to the DSCC.
  7. Form a Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) composed of local university students to focus on local arrangements, including and make recommendations to the DSCC.
  8. Work with the FCDSA Finance Committee to develop the Conference budget and secure Conference sponsorship.


The Committee consists of a Chairperson plus selected members of the Council.  The Conference Program Committee and Local Arrangements Committee may include non-Council members.


The Committee will meet annually by teleconference.  Additional electronic meetings or conference calls may be held to be determined in consultation with the Chair and staff support.


The Committee will report to the FCDSA Council following its yearly meeting and as required. All contracts must be submitted to the Executive for approval and signature by authorized FCDSA signatories.

Staff Support

Staff support is available through the FCDSA Secretariat.


Objectives and composition approved by the FCDSA Council on June 13, 2017.