Minutes of the Meeting of the Council of the Federation of Canadian Dentistry Student Associations

held September 4, 2017 by video conference


  • University of Alberta: , Da In Kim (Alberta '20)
  • University of British Columbia: Matthew Yeung (UBC '19), Kerri-Lyn Chong (UBC '18)
  • Dalhousie University: Liam McQuaid (Dalhousie '19), Courtney Aube
  • Université Laval: Philippe Martin (Laval '19)
  • University of Manitoba: Huei Cheung (Manitoba '19), Jihyun Han (Manitoba ’18)
  • McGill University: David Wu (McGill '19)
  • Université de Montréal: Andréann Guillemette (Montréal '19)
  • University of Saskatchewan: Hammad Qasim (Saskatchewan '20), Mary Tait (Saskatchewan '19)
  • University of Toronto: Keyvan Tcherassan (Toronto '19), Julie Delcorde (Toronto '18)
  • Western University: Jennifer Branch (Western '18)


  • Ji Min Lim (Alberta '20)
  • Isabelle Vignault (Laval '19)
  • Natalie Pollock (McGill '20)
  • Marie-Claude Bourgeois (Montréal '20)

1.       Welcome and Opening Remarks

The FCDSA Council meeting took place via conference call on Monday, September 4th 2017 beginning at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

2.       Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted as circulated. 

3.       Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes and Matters Arising

Previous meeting minutes and matters were approved

4.       Appointment of note taker for the meeting

Julie will write the minutes for this meeting.


 5.      Budget Update

  • See attached file: CDSC 2018 Budget

  • Discussion

    •  We have to pay tax on the registration revenue
    • Signage being paid by Dentalcorp
    • People seem in favour of having only PDF version of program
    • Filling up rooms with people from different schools to get 4 people per room (cheaper) since some schools have 10 people
    • Making the early bird fee based on number of registrants (ex 1st 100 get 200, 1st 300 get 210) etc.
    • Have a google forms after this meeting so everyone can vote
    • Put choices of what to do with the additional money for breakfast – minimum food spend
    • Have a contest for people getting free admission

What was decided on in terms of registration price:

September 4 2017 image.jpg

-       We have nearly reached a total sponsorship of $100,000

o      Principal Sponsor: Dentalcorp

  • $40,000 sponsorship
  • $25,000 in “Additional services in kind”

o      Goal: finalize partnership agreement and “additional services in kind”

  • We want to decide exactly which additional services we are interested in before we sign a partnership agreement. Examples of services:
  • CE session (hopefully on Invisalign)
  • Marketing: support from designers, web based adds, programming for registration and e-commerce
  • Legal team
  • Printing invitations/programs
  • Friday night social event

o      Terms of partnership

  • They want to ensure no other DSOs are present ex Ultima dental
  • They want to ensure no other sponsor has their name on Saturday formal event at the Westin

-       We should get hearing mid-September on whether we need to charge HST/GST on sponsorship

IT WAS MOVED, SECONDED AND RESOLVED that the budget of the Federation of Canadian Dentistry Student Associations Budget be approved on Monday, September 4th 2017 by the FCDSA Council.

6.       Conference Planning Update

-       See attached files: Program Draft, Brochure and website

  • Each council member should familiarize themselves with these documents to be able to answer questions to students
  • Reduced travel rates: Westjet 10% discount code, busses from Montreal, Quebec City and London

-       Contacting the Deans at each Faculty

  • Status of excused absence from each school – PRIORITY
  • Coordinated by Jihyun and Jimin

-       Advertising the conference at each Faculty

  • FCDSA council members should play a key role in providing their Faculties with information regarding the conference

 Details about the conference:

  1. Date: January 11th – 14th , 2018
  2. Location: Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, ON
  3. First national conference held by FCDSA (the FCDSA’s inaugural event)
  4. Price: $220 per student for conference – but $180 per person for hotels for 3 nights and they have to book their own flight, but will get 10% off flights through westjet when using the code: EMT48AN
  5. Once registration is open we will inform you
    1. Need to book flight
    2. Book hotel through Westin Harbour Castle’s Website
    3. Book Conference through our website: http://cdsc2018.ca
    4. Once registration is paid, students select conference sessions based on a first come first serve basis
  6. The FCDSA has worked very hard to get this event HUGELY subsidized by sponsors, and our goal is to make this conference as inexpensive as possible for students, to increase participation from student across Canada
    1. The food provided during the conference costs more than the registration fees, because the sponsors are subsidizing everything for us.
  7. Our goal is to have as many students from across the country as possible (ie the most diversity possible) to foster a sense of community and the sharing of ideas across the coun
  8. This will likely be the only dental student conference of the current dental student body's academic career. (i.e. an event of this scale takes many years to plan, and major sponsors cannot commit large scale funds on a yearly basis. It will likely be a 3-4 year event, so students should be encouraged to go while they can!)

 We are encouraging you to give small informative talks to each class at your school, hang up posters, etc.

Goal registration from each school:

  •        University of Toronto
  •          Local: 220
  •          Visiting: 25
  •        Western: 100
  •        Université de Montréal: 75
  •        Université Laval: 35 or 30
  •        McGill: 35
  •        University of Manitoba: 10
  •        University of Saskatchewan: 15
  •        University of Alberta: 10
  •        University of British Columbia: 10
  •        Dalhousie University: 10
  •        Previous FCDSA members + ASDA: 10
  •        Recent Graduates: 10
  •        TOTAL students:
  •          Local: 220
  •          Visiting: 340

*A main priority of the FCDSA council will be to ensure that the minimum number of registrants per school is met, and that their Dean can confirm an approved absence on January 12th 2018 to students attending the conference

7.      Other Business

There was no other business..   

8.       Adjournment

As there was no other business to discuss, the meeting ended at 7:05 p.m.

Julie Delcorde, President

Julie Delcorde, Recording Secretary