The Council is composed of two representatives from each member association, each enrolled in an undergraduate dentistry program. Each member association appoints one junior member and one senior member. Normally, a junior member will progress to the role of senior member. Representatives should be in different years. To learn more about the role and responsibilities of the Council, review sections 8 and 9 of the FCDSA Bylaws.

Current Council

Member Association: Junior Member, Senior Member *

  • University of Alberta: Vacancy (Alberta Junior Rep), Da In Kim (Alberta '20)

  • University of British Columbia: Austin Chen (UBC '20), Matthew Yeung (UBC '19)

  • Dalhousie University: Courtney Aubé (Dalhousie '20), Liam McQuaid (Dalhousie '19)

  • Université Laval: Laurie Pelletier (Laval ‘22), Philippe Martin (Laval '19)

  • University of Manitoba: Sarah Hancox (Manitoba ‘21), Manisha Bansal (Manitoba '20)

  • McGill University: Natalie Pollock (McGill '20), David Wu (McGill '19)

  • Université de Montréal: Camille Gadoury (Montréal ‘22), Marie-Claude Bourgeois (Montréal '20)

  • University of Saskatchewan: Bilawal Hussain (Saskatchewan ‘21), Hammad Qasim (Saskatchewan '20)

  • University of Toronto: Joanna Man (Toronto ‘20), Keyvan Tcherassen (Toronto '19)

  • Western University: Amr Alsabbagh (Western '20), Pari Dabas (Western '19)

* As at November 14, 2018

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