The Board of Directors (formerly known as the Council) is composed of two representatives nominated by each member association and elected by the voting representatives at the Annual General Meeting. Each member association nominates one junior representative and one senior representative, each of whom is enrolled in an undergraduate dentistry program. Normally, a junior representative will progress to the role of senior representative. Representatives should be in different years. To learn more about the role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, review section 10 of the FCDSA General Bylaw No. 1.

Current Board of Directors (formerly known as the Council)

Member Association: Junior Representative, Senior Representative *

  • University of Alberta: Vacancy (Alberta Junior Rep), Da In Kim (Alberta '20)

  • University of British Columbia: Austin Chen (UBC '20), Matthew Yeung (UBC '19)

  • Dalhousie University: Jared Crane (Dalhousie ‘21), Courtney Aubé (Dalhousie '20)

  • Université Laval: Laurie Pelletier (Laval ‘22), Philippe Martin (Laval '19)

  • University of Manitoba: Manisha Bansal (Manitoba '20), Huei Cheung (Manitoba ‘19)

  • McGill University: Natalie Pollock (McGill '20), David Wu (McGill '19)

  • Université de Montréal: Camille Gadoury (Montréal ‘22), Marie-Claude Bourgeois (Montréal '20)

  • University of Saskatchewan: Bilawal Hussain (Saskatchewan ‘21), Hammad Qasim (Saskatchewan '20)

  • University of Toronto: Joanna Man (Toronto ‘20), Keyvan Tcherassen (Toronto '19)

  • Western University: Amr Alsabbagh (Western '20), Pari Dabas (Western '19)

* As at January 16, 2019

Sarah Hancox (Manitoba ‘21) will be the new junior rep for Manitoba as of May 1, 2019.

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